Tax Law


Tax Law

Timely, but most importantly, high-quality tax law advice for your business will allow you to optimize your financial expenses and minimize risks during tax audits.

Meanwhile, it’s worth noting that tax law of Ukraine is one of the most difficult ones, since it has a huge number of nuances and exceptions and is not limited to the Tax Code of Ukraine. This is why often both entrepreneurs and legal entities seek tax attorney consultation.

Legal services in the field of tax law by ePravo

Attorneys at ePravo Law Firm provide tax legal advice on the following issues:

Tax Structuring

Legal consulting and support regarding optimal tax structuring of your business.

International Taxation

Legal consulting and support regarding international taxation, in particular, concerning the representation of foreign companies in Ukraine.

Tax Litigation

Administrative and judicial tax disputes, appeals against inspections, decisions of tax authorities, arrests, etc.
When providing tax structuring services, we choose a personal approach to each client and provide the latter with a complex tax law advice at each stage: choice of the optimal tax system, analysis of tax risks for a legal entity, support for tax transactions, legal assistance during tax audits and appeal against decisions of tax authorities.

Advantages of ePravo tax lawyer

Why order tax legal services from ePravo Law Firm
experience: tax attorneys at ePravo Law Firm have a high level of expertise, as in their many years of practice they have acquired a considerable experience in working for law enforcement and client representation in tax authorities at various levels;
we meet your needs: ePravo law firm knows how to provide legal support both on the choice of the tax model for start-ups and on the optimization of the tax structure for representatives of small and large businesses, who have long been working in the market, both in Ukraine and abroad;
results: attorneys at ePravo Law Firm have a good track record of resolving tax disputes with tax authorities. The good reputation of our clients speaks for itself;

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