Real Estate
and Construction


Real Estate and

Construction industry is one of the key places in the Ukrainian economy. Real estate issues arise in many projects and in most of our clients’ deals, which is why lawyers of ePravo Law Firm may provide you with particularly relevant real estate legal advice.

A house begins with a foundation, so does the business with its legal registration. That is why it is important that the legal foundation of your property is properly analyzed and documented.

Our clients include construction general contractors, developers, investors, real estate agents and others interested in legal support for land rights, real estate, attracting investors’ funds, developing project documentation and obtaining building permits.

Real Estate and Construction
Legal Services from ePravo

Due Diligence

Due diligence analysis of lease agreements and sale and purchase contracts, asset package, constructions, etc.


Providing legal advice on the lease, buy and building peculiarities of real estate.

Deals Legal Support

Legal support of the lease and sale deals of real estate. Development and approval of general construction contract, construction, investment and other agreements in the field of real estate and construction.

Land Disputes

Legal advice on lease, purchase and sale peculiarities regarding land. Privatization of land, real estate, unfinished construction.


Legal advice on subsoil use.

Mortgage and Pledge

Mortgage and pledge agreements.

Release from Attachment

Removal of arrest from real estate.


Legal support of real estate and integral property complexes construction.

Real Estate Litigation

Representation and defense of clients’ interests in judicial real estate disputes resolution.


Appeals against decisions and actions of State Architectural and Building Inspection (SABI).

Advantages of ePravo Real Estate Lawyers

the professional real estate lawyers from ePravo Law Firm have considerable experience in providing legal assistance in protecting clients’ rights and interests in courts, law enforcement and other authorities.

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