Migration Law


Migration Law

Migration law regulates the issue of internal movement of persons on the territory of a state, entry and exit to the territory of Ukraine and abroad, registration of residence, procedure for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit, a visa, etc. Migration processes affect both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners and stateless persons.

The peculiarity of migration law consists in its regulation by both the rules of national law and the rules of private international law. Therefore, this area of ​​law involves interaction with the legal bases of other countries, the resolution of disputes and the drafting of bilingual documents – these are quite complex procedures that require professional knowledge and skills. This is why you would need a migration law lawyer to comprehensively resolve the migration issue and minimize the time spent in the migration service.

Services of a lawyer on migration law from ePravo

ePravo Law Firm offers a range of quality migration law legal services:

Tax ID

Get an individual foreign tax ID.

Work Permit

Legal support for obtaining a work permit in Ukraine.


Full-scope legal support for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.

Temporary and Permanent Residence Permit

Legal support for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine.
We can also assist you with the related issues in terms of contacting a trusted
professional translation agency, private notary, real estate agents, etc.

Advantages of migration law lawyer

over many years of practice working with representative offices of foreign companies in Ukraine and individuals non-residents of Ukraine, our specialists have gained wide experience in the field of migration law, both in terms of migration for employment and for the stay of foreigners in the territory of Ukraine for personal purposes;
migration solicitors of ePravo Law Firm will assist you at every stage of solving the migration issue – from preparing the required migration documents to representing the client in the State Migration Service and other competent authorities, offering the client a clear and pointed algorithm of action;

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