Dispute Resolution

Commercial Disputes

Recovering debts from the debtor and upholding of interests regarding the groundless recovery from the creditor

Appeal actions and decisions of state regulatory bodies

Appeal inspections which are carried out by such bodies as State Labor Inspection, State Architect Inspection, State Food Consumer Inspection (market supervision) and others

Tax & Customs Litigation

Appeal tax decisions, cancellation of tax arrests, execution of decisions on adjustment of customs value, decisions on bringing administrative responsibility for violation of customs rules and others

Corporate Disputes

Settlement of disputes between business partners of the company both in courts and by mediation

Real Estate Disputes

Land disputes and disputes related to real estate resolution

IP Litigation

Protection of intellectual property rights: determination of TM certificate, copyrights protection, patent disputes resolution, etc.

Labour Disputes

Representation and protection of employees' rights in court regarding illegal dismissal, violation of other rights by the employer

Defamation Litigation

Denials of inaccurate information in media publications, the internet

Alternative Dispute Resolution

ADR, Protection and Representation in Arbitration, Mediation