Legal Outsourcing


Legal Outsourcing

Businesses regularly have to deal with legal issues, but a full-time lawyer at an enterprise may not always be able to cope with certain tasks due to lack of knowledge in the relevant field, or due to overload with other cases – that is when companies seek the help of an outsourced lawyer.

Outsourcing is the transfer of a firm’s tasks or processes to another contractor. Legal outsourcing includes a set of business case management services, ranging from consultancy to transaction management, therefore, providing a quick and cheap alternative to full-time lawyers.

Legal outsourcing services by ePravo

24/7 Legal Support

Legal support services for the day-to-day activity of a company. Oral or written legal advice in various areas of law. Resolution of labor conflicts within the company. Analysis of enterprise activity. Working with government agencies.


You will no-longer have the necessity to hire a full-time lawyer, we can provide your business with a specific outsourced lawyer. Development and filing of complaints, petitions, claims, lawsuits. Representation and defense in court.

Business Activity

We can determine the amount of work required for your business with a certain number of lawyer’s hours. Registration of your company trademark. Support of corporate changes, development of legal documents, contracts.

Advantages of legal outsourcing by ePravo

legal support of a business, subscription legal outsourcing services is a service provided on a daily basis by a professional team of ePravo Law Firm, as we understand the importance of a personal approach to each client and the detail of each case study;
the lawyers of our company offer modern legal tools to solve any problem. We provide legal assistance to small private companies as well as large organizations across Ukraine and abroad, paying attention to every small detail;
our lawyers are interested in the success of their client, so we always get the job done. The result of our work is important to us;

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