Land Law


Land Law

Land law is one of the most investment-attractive practices in Ukraine, which is never beyond the control by regulators and competitors. Undoubtedly, the practice of providing services in the field of land law is extremely important, as land issues arise in various areas of business. Land disputes are a common phenomenon in which only a land lawyer with extensive experience in the field can help achieve the desired result.

Legal Assistance in Land Issues by ePravo

In Kyiv, land attorneys of ePravo Law Firm provide the following services in the field:

Legal Support

Full-scope legal support of privatization of land plots, registration of land lease rights, including through auctions for the purchase of land lease rights, registration of the right of permanent use of land plots, etc.

Land Litigation

Appeals against decisions/orders on the transfer of land plots, invalidation of state acts on ownership of a land plot, invalidation of concluded land-legal contracts, invalidation of the establishment of a land easement, invalidation of the establishment of boundaries, termination of contracts for land plots, etc.

Land Agreements

Preparation and full legal support of agreements with land plots, execution of contracts on the establishment of land easements, contracts of superficies, emphysevis, sales, leases, etc.


Developing a strategy for protecting land rights.

Land Management

Support for the development of land management projects, legal expertise of land management documentation.


Legal analysis and mediation of land disputes.

Legal Expertise

Legal analysis and expertise of implemented land projects, identification of legal risks and their elimination/minimization.


Obtaining a building permit, obtaining building passport of land, etc.

Advantages of ePravo Land Lawyer

the land law solicitors of ePravo Law Firm are professionals in the regulation of any situation related to the land;
the land lawyer constantly interacts with state authorities and institutions, which has a positive impact on achieving the desired result;
we thoroughly investigate your situation and provide smart legal advice in a timely manner as we value our customers.

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