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Legal IT Services

Against the background of the rapid development of computer technologies, the market for IT services has become one of the main sectors of the economy. At the same time, IT companies in Ukraine face the daily need to ensure the legal security of their products. Nowadays, you should not only be good at programming, but also know how to crack the “code” of the legal regulation of the industry, which in Ukraine is still passing the stage of formation and is constantly updated.

How do I register software copyrights? How to get contracted with developers or outsourcing companies? Is e-commerce subject to state registration? This is where the IT lawyer comes to the rescue.

ePravo Law Firm offers comprehensive and quality
legal support for IT companies

Contract Law

Legal support as regards contracts, communication with developers and out-staffing companies.


Legal support to e-commerce projects in Ukraine.


Legal support of startup projects from Pre-seed stage to Exit-stage.


Development and analysis of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).


Development and analysis of GDPR policy, Privacy Policy agreements, EULA.


Development and analysis of non-solicitation and non-compete agreements.

Daily Activity

Full-scope legal support for the day-to-day operations of IT companies.

Intellectual Property

Registration of the TM and copyright of a computer program.

Why to protect your IT products with ePravo IT lawyers?

we provide state-of-the-art legal tools for modern technology: cryptocurrencies, e-commerce, SaaS and clouds;
we understand the importance of a personalized approach: among our clients are both young startups and IT companies who are already leaders in their industry;
we know exactly what startups need right from the start to the investment;
we have extensive experience working with English language projects, including programming language and specific terminology, so our IT lawyers know how to read “between the code”.

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