Corporate and Labour Law

Corporate law is a leading practice of ePravo Law Firm. Organize your company structure and take the necessary registration steps? Align corporate and employment agreements? Hold a tough meeting? Evaluate the correctness of your taxes and suggest how to pay less? There is nothing impossible for our team when it comes to optimizing the corporate structure of our clients!

Dispute Resolution

Dispute resolution is one of the main practices of the law firms, including the ePravo Law Firm. We represent our clients in the Ukrainian courts of all instances, meanwhile acquiring experience of representation before international institutions.

Intellectual Property Legal Services

The result of intellectual activity, like any other type of property, requires protection against unauthorized encroachment. That is why the protection of intellectual property in Ukraine is one of the most common aspects in solving legal problems and issues.

Land Law

Land law is one of the most investment-attractive practices in Ukraine, which is never beyond the control by regulators and competitors. Undoubtedly, the practice of providing services in the field of land law is extremely important, as land issues arise in various areas of business. Land disputes are a common phenomenon in which only a land lawyer with extensive experience in the field can help achieve the desired result.

Legal Advice

ePravo Law Firm offers comprehensive legal advice in Kiev and all over Ukraine and other cities in Ukraine. We are proud of the successful performance of our clients in the legal field, as we strongly believe that one of the keys to success is qualified legal support and timely legal advice.

Legal Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the transfer of a firm’s tasks or processes to another contractor. Legal outsourcing includes a set of business case management services, ranging from consultancy to transaction management, therefore, providing a quick and cheap alternative to full-time lawyers.

Migration Law

Migration law regulates the issue of internal movement of persons on the territory of a state, entry and exit to the territory of Ukraine and abroad, registration of residence, procedure for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit, a visa, etc. Migration processes affect both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners and stateless persons.

Real Estate and Construction

Construction industry is one of the key places in the Ukrainian economy. Real estate issues arise in many projects and in most of our clients’ deals, which is why lawyers of ePravo Law Firm may provide you with particularly relevant real estate legal advice.

Tax Law

Timely, but most importantly, high-quality tax law advice for your business will allow you to optimize your financial expenses and minimize risks during tax audits.