The mission of ePravo law firm is helping to the clients, no matter how complicated the case is.
We can always suggest a solution, make a conclusion or draw up an algorithm.
The solutions are inevitably efficient and fair.
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IT Legal Support

Modern approaches to modern technologies: mining and crypto-currencies, e-commerce, SaaS and clouds. We know for sure what is needed for the startups from the beginning and till investments. And we can protect the results of your creative work: trademarks, patents, ideas.

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Dispute resolution

We help to resolve disputes which might occur in the course of the company daily work. Disputes with authorities, conflicts with employees, failure to fulfill obligations by contractors. We work delicately and resolutely.

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Corporate Law and Tax structuring

Arrange the structure of the company and make the necessary registration actions? Hold a meeting in stringent conditions?Evaluate the correctness of paying taxes and offer to pay less? There is nothing complicated for our team.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is an integral part of business and creativity. We know how to protect results of you work, cease and desist IP rights infringement.

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We accompany investments in energy projects in Ukraine. Solar power plants, wind turbines and mini-hydropower station, energy agreements. We know the legislation, we understand the technical aspect of the matter, we are sincerely in love with energy.

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Competition & Antitrust

Competition spreads prosperity, but sometimes the unlawful actions of the controlling authorities interfere with it. As well as dishonest competitors, which should be teached a lesson sometimes. Make maximum use of all existing security tools and come up with new ones - that's what we can do.

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International Trade

After the signing of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement, for both Ukrainian and foreign business, trade barriers have been significantly decreased between states. We provide companies with legal support on entering onto the Ukrainian market, as well as EU and US markets.

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Business Protection

Development and success is the main goal of a business. However, companies often face unfair and illegal actions as searches and inspections carried out by states authorities and law enforcement. We are your legal umbrella and help you to comply with your main goal without any distraction.

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Market Entry

We provide both foreign and national companies with legal support as regards market entry. You give us a business concept – we perform a legal base for its realization from A to Z . Our clients are world-named companies from IT, retail and services industry which have successfully entered to Ukrainian market with our support.

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Real Estate & Construction

As well as a foundation of a house has to be strong, the legal basis of your business should be unequivocal and meet with the requirements of the legislation. Our lawyers have huge experience in deals connected with real estate and construction.

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Migration Law

We provide foreigners with legal support regarding temporary and permanent residence permit receiving, work permission, etc.

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Private Clients

Business is created by people. Our practice "private clients" aimed to resolve your most sensitive legal issues of individuals.