About us


Our partners are lawyers of unique experience and strong principles, with wide knowledge and sharp intellect. University of London Diploma in Investment arbitration and Energy law allows to feel confident about the future.
Our associates are efficient and hard-working, incredibly devoted and loyal.

There are no cliches for us, however being permanently eager to succeed, and burning sense of laws – that is why “ePravo” team is a different.
Handling with a case, we comprehend a purpose, scrutinise facts, analyse legal aspects and probable consequences, and provide a client with several detailed schemes. Fairly and true-to-life.

We support further development of legal profession in Ukraine. Profession in terms of western standards, not inherited Soviet ones. That is why we cooperate with International Fiscal Association, Ukrainian National Advocates Association, Ukrainian Bar Association and Ukrainian Advocates Association.
We strongly believe that legal profession is complicated and demanding, which requires long and profound education. However, a lawyer is indeed worth even though not cheap.