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Our partners are lawyers of unique experience and strong principles, with wide knowledge and sharp intellect. University of London Diploma in Investment arbitration and Energy law allows to feel confident about the future.
Our associates are efficient and hard-working, incredibly devoted and loyal.
There are no cliches for us, however being permanently eager to succeed, and burning sense of laws – that is why "ePravo" team is a different.
Handling with a case, we comprehend a purpose, scrutinise facts, analyse legal aspects and probable consequences, and provide a client with several detailed schemes. Fairly and true-to-life.
We support further development of legal profession in ...



The very mission of ePravo law firm is helping to the clients, no matter how complicated a case is. We can always suggest a solution, make a conclusion or draw up an algorithm. The solutions are inevitably efficient and fair.

At the same time, we do our best in practices as follows:

International trade and investment dispute settlement

An asset which a foreigner brings into Ukraine, can be entitled to proper treatment and protection. The most advantage of investment regime is a possibility to drag the dispute out of national courts and bring the case before more reliable international tribunal (ICSID, ICC etc.) ePravo law firm is capable of investigating the factual matters of a ...



"ePravo" team has always been aware of the duty before the community, and always has expressed an active social position.
Having seen a lot of the world, we can hear the voice for changes in the society. What’s more – we really strive to become different. Our aim is to improve the way society operates nowadays – making a little effort each time, we are happy to see an own solid stone to the foundation of good society.
We support the democratic principles of governance, including comprehensive and effective participation of the local community.
Therefore, the "ePravo" team participates in election campaigns of, presumably, good candidates. In fact, our candidates results were always ...

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